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The best programs to customize Facebook

Here at TricksFacebook we often share programs and extensions that at most customize Facebook, some are only compatible with certain browsers and some are compatible with all other browsers, but are too invasive, or users hate the customization options.

From several years of research that we carry out this blog, after trying every trick created for the popular social networking loved and hated by all, we now want to show you the best programs to customize your Facebook, and we made sure that they’re free and compatible with the best browser.
In reality, what we’re about to suggest is not new, they’ve already been discussed in several of our articles articles, but they have been renewed, some have changed names and the some software has become everyone’s favorite to maximum personalization of our Facebook experience.
We are talking about Social Fixer (also known as first and as Better Facebook Minimalist extension for Chrome), and a free extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and also as a script for Greasemonkey that removes some “trouble” from Facebook and part of exciting new features, enhancing the practice site.

Features and functions of Social Fixer

  • Tabs (Tab) in your news stream. The updates you receive from your friends, pages, applications and games will be grouped in tabs to be easily organized. The posts of your friends, those to whom you are most interested in, will be the homepage, all the others (which you can read later) will be the other tabs.

Add tabs

  • Themes.
     You can install different themes, skins, and custom layouts. You can change wallpaper, color styles and images used. And for the more experienced, you can also add CSS and customize it how you want!

  • Hide what you have already read.
     Re-read things several times? If you’ve already read an update of a friend you can hide it without necessarily having to hide all future updates of that friend.
  • Larger images on mouse over. Just pass your cursor over any image to enlarge, without having to click on the photo or link.

  • large Image preview
  • Highlight the new user. Just check the post to see what comments you have not read, it will be highlighted and will save you valuable time.

  • Highlight new User
  • And much more … How about notifications when you’re removed as a friend from your friendsfiltering to customize your news feedautomatic removal of recent activity from your profile, and more.

These are just some of the functions of Social Fixer, for a complete overview, visit this link.
You can download from the Social Fixer official website. Here are direct links to the extensions for each browser:

Funny trick to Hack facebook

Funny trick to Hack facebook

If you really want to impress someone with your hacking skills then this trick will surely help you.Well this is actually not any hacking just a simple javascript trick but the other person will surely believe you as a hacker. You have to only do is to run this javascript in your address bar of your web browser. This will not harm any of your’s and victim’s actual facebook account privacy.
How to perform this trick?
Open any website of your choice (like facebook) in  browser (internet explorer,google chrome,firefox) and clear the address bar of the browser.
Copy paste the following javascript code in the address bar of your browser
javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0
And thats it.Now you can edit anything that is written on the page.
                                  How this trick actually work?

This is a javascript code on the the browser side.It is temporary and the changes will be gone once you refresh the webpage.
The javascript code JavaScript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; makes the website editable in your browser.
The code document.designMode=’on’ tells the browser to turn the designmode on
The code void 0 tells the browser not to show any error
So, enjoy this funny trick to hack facebook
Update:-The javascript code doesn’t work in the latest version of Google Chrome Browser 
Please note:for this trick to work please use Mozilla firefox 3.6 or old version of google chrome

Top 5 Websites for Video Chatting with Strangers Online Computer Tricks

Are you bored of chatting with friends and relatives? You can have some wonderful time while video chatting with strangers from all over the world without disclosing your identity. This is a best alternative for facebook video chat, Google Hangouts that only permit chatting with your friends.You can make new friends or just kill some time.

Top 5 Websites for Video Chatting with Strangers Online:


Omegle is the most popular website for video chatting with strangers. This is creation of just 18 years old boy in 2009. There is no age limit and no registration is required to chat with the strangers. Omegle server picks the random person for you to chat. In this you can also save the conversation log into your Pc and share it on Social Networking Sites like Facebook.
Click Here to visit the site


ChatRoulette is another good website to chat with strangers. This is created by the Russian school boy. There is no age limit and registration required to get start with this. This web based application uses peer-to-peer connection. You can also report the inappropriate videos and users, which is the good feature of this site.
Click Here to visit the site


TinyChat is the fastest growing network over the internet. In this you can make friends and also can chat with strangers. You can also create your own chat rooms to have private conversation with people from all around the world. To get started with this you must have latest adobe flash player installed on your PC. You can Sign in via your Facebook and Twitter account and share YouTube videos as well.
Click Here to visit the site


LolliChat is the best alternative of Omegle and ChatRoulette. In this you can chat with strangers with no age limit and registration. This will randomly select your partner. This will automatically delete all your chat logs when you disconnect.
Click Here to visit the site


6Rounds is the only online website available on the internet where you can do more than chatting with strangers. Here you can play online real time games, Listen Mp3 songs, Watch youtube videos and Intract with facebook friends as well. The only limitation of this site you have to register yourself to get started and you must be atleast 18 years old.
Click Here to visit the site
There are lots of another websites on the internet but these the best sites that we have ever experienced for chatting with strangers online.
If you have any recommendations to improve this list, do let us know via comments



Watch Live TV on Your PC For Free

Now you can watch free Tv on your pc by just using a VLC player.

Step 1 : First of all you need to have VLC player, if you don’t have vlc player kindly download and install it

Step 2 : Now open Vlc Player, and select streaming option from the media menu present in the menu bar.

Step 3 : Select network option and enter the url of the streaming channel. For example if you want to view B4u Music you need to add url
in the url field and then select play option from the stream drop down menu.

Step 4 : After you click play in the above step, the channel will start streaming and you can watch your favorite channels.

Here is the List of many other channels which you will love to watch
Channel Name
NDTV rtsp://
NDTV Profit rtsp://
Times Now rtsp://
Aaj Tak rtsp://
CNBC Aawaz rtsp://
CNBC TV 18 rtsp://
Headlines Today rtsp://
NDTV 24×7 rtsp://
NK News rtsp://
RAJ News rtsp://
ETV rtsp://
Studio N rtsp://
SVBC rtsp://
Zoo Vision rtsp://
B4u Music rtsp://
iMusic rtsp://
Zee Tamil rtsp://
Zee Kannad rtsp://
Zee Bangla rtsp://
Music Box rtsp://
Bella Tv rtsp://
Fashion Tv rtsp://
Adventure rtsp://
Horror rtsp://
Comedy rtsp://
Classic rtsp://
Crime rtsp://
Mystery rtsp://
Clubbing Tv rtsp://



This is an Interesting Trick in Adobe Reader.
it works in Adobe Reader 7.0 through the latest

1. First of all Install Adobe Reader , if you haven’t already.
after installing follow the below step
2. go to View>Read out Loud> Activate Read Out Loud.

thats it...............



New Facebook chat window shows the both online and offline friends in single window and you have to scroll down to see all online friends or search for the specific friend from the search area. If you are irritated with this chat box and wants to remove it to show only online friends then install Facebook Chat Fix Google chrome extension in chrome browser.


Kill Crashed Applications

Kill Crashed Applications

Part 1: This registry tweak allows Windows to find and kill a crashed application faster. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Control Panel\ Desktop and add or edit the string HungAppTimeout to a Value of your choice between 1000-5000 for optimum results. Default setting is 5000 milliseconds.
Part 2: This tweak allows Windows to automatically kill the crashed or hung application without you having to wait. In the same path as part 1, find or create the key AutoEndTasks and set the value to 1.
Part 3: This tweak allows you to still auto close the application is it has crashed, but allows the application some time to ’fix’ itself, for instance, when loading. Again, found in the same directory, find or create the value called WaitToKillAppTimeout, and enter a value in milliseconds.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Download Threads Removal

Download Threads Removal

Name           :Download Symantec Mobile Threads Removal Tool(S60)
File Format : SIS File (Symbian Series) S60 Series
Rating          :(5/5)

Symantec Mobile Threats Removal Tool was designed to remove infections of the following threats:
SymbOS.Cabir, SymbOS.Cabir.B, SymbOS.Commwarrior.A, SymbOS.Commwarrior.B.
This removal tool is designed to run on Nokia Series 60 mobile phones and other Symbian support mobile phones.

Lattest opeamini.



New Opera-6 S60 Symbian Browser Free

Tags: Mobile Browser for S60 Series Phones, Symbian Mobile Browser, Fastest Mobile Web Browser Free, Opera Latest Browser Free

Name             :Download Latest Opera-6 S60 Symbian Mobile Browser Free
File Format   :.Sis File Symbian Support Phones. S640 Series Mobile Phones.
Rating            :(5/5)