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Stand-alone, independent of the system, a local KMS server to activate Windows 7, Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise versions, and office products Office 2010 and 2013. It is possible to use the program to flash.

-Counters activation KMS-server are wound at startup.
-Time / date KMS server is synchronized when you start the time / date of the host computer.

-KMSmicro 4.0.WO-En - Enabling client versions of Windows and Office 2010 | 2013 - English interface
-KMSmicro 4.0.WO-Ru - Enabling client versions of Windows and Office 2010 | 2013 - Russian interface
-KMSmicro 4.0.WS - Activation of client and server versions of Windows - English interface
-Activation Helper v1.5 - tool with a graphical interface to the command MDL.

-Windows 7 and Windows 8
-Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012
-Office 2010 and Office 2013

System requirements:
-Windows 7, Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise
-Free disk space: 1Gb
-Free RAM: 512Mb

Checksums archive:
-CRC32: 4858CAF9
-MD5: D81620ECB615F74CBCE33E63A4E1C696
-SHA-1: ABC18B3396F044C514A98F7CAF346727A4B9AB2D

Download here

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Free Download Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10

Not yet a year with Internet Explorer 9, is now developing into the latest version of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10 has been released 2 months ago, that is exactly 12 April 2011.

Because Internet Explorer is still perceived less satisfactory earlier and some features are incomplete, so some may change, and some can be added.

So the Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10 is the first public preview of Internet Explorer web platform 10. In this release, the developers will show that Internet Explorer 10 was Flexbox It supports CSS3, CSS3 Grid Alignment, CSS3 Multi-column, gradient CSS3 background-image and ECM AScript5 Strict Mode.
Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10

However, in Internet Explorer 10, the system required only for the operating system Windows 7 (x86 or x64), and until this article was written there has been no explanation as to whether the Internet Explorer browser 10 is supporting older operating systems like Windows Vista, especially Windows XP Professional.
Here are the latest features of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1 10:

* Take full advantage of your PC with GPU powered graphics and compiled JavaScript. : Fishbowl Benchmark, Paintball, Preschool, Speed ​​Reading, Maze Solver, More ...
* Deliver Interoperability through Including HTML5 web standards and ES5. : Try Strict Mode, Tweet Columns, Griddle, CSS3 Flexbox Flexin, The Grid System, More HTML5 ...
* Create next-generation experiences with HTML5 and CSS3 graphical capabilities. : CSS Gradient Maker, SVG Gradient Maker, Video Format Support, City of Videos, Flickr Postcards, More Graphics ...
Internet Explorer 10

You can download in : Internet Explorer 10

The article title above is : Free Download Internet Explorer 10

10 Tips for a Total Online Security

10 Tips for Online SecurityWith the sudden rise in the Internet usage across the globe over the past few years, there has also been a rise in the amount of online scams and frauds. Today, most of the Internet users are unaware of the most prevailing online threats which pose a real challenge for their safe Internet usage. As a result, Online Security has become a questionable factor for the most Internet users.
However, it is still possible to effectively combat online insecurity provided that, the users are well aware of the common scams and frauds and know how to protect themselves. A study shows that over 91% of the Internet users are unaware of the online scams and are therefore worried about their security. If you are one among those 91%, then here is a list of 10 tips to ensure your total online security.
    1. Always install a good antivirus software and keep it up-to-date. Also install a good anti-spyware to keep spyware away from your computer.
    2. Always visit known and trusted websites. If you are about to visit an unknown website, ensure that you do not click on those untrusted links and banners.
    3. Perform a virus scan on the files/email attachments that you download before executing them.
    4. Regularly update your operating system and browser software. For a better security, it is recommended that you surf the Internet through the latest version of your browser program.
    5. Never share your password (email, bank logins etc.) with any one for any reason. Choose a strong password (A blend of alphanumeric+special symbols) and change it regularly, eg. every 3 months. Avoid using easy-to-guess passwords. (ex. pet’s name or kid’s name)
    6. Always type the URL of the website in your browser’s address bar to enter the login pages.
    7. Before you enter your password on any login page, ensure that you see https instead of http in your browser’s address bar. Example. instead of HTTPS protocol implements SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and provide better security than a normal HTTP. For more information on HTTPS and SSL see Know More About Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
    8. Beware of phishing emails! Do not respond to any email that request you to update your login details by clicking on a link in the body of the email. Such links can lead to Fake Login Pages (Spoofed Pages). For more information on phishing refer How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Scam. Also refer my other post on How to Protect an Email Account.
    9. Always hit the logout button to close your login session rather than abruptly terminating the browser window. Also, clear your web browser caches after every session to remove the temporary files stored in the memory and hard disk of your PC.
    10. Avoid (Stop) using any public computers or computers in the Internet cafes to access any sensitive/confidential information. Also, avoid such computers to log in to your email/bank accounts. On a public computer, there is every chance of spyware and malware infections to be present.
By following the above 10 tips, your online security can be guaranteed up to 90%. I hope this information will help my readers for keeping themselves safe from any of the online insecurities. Cheers! Pass your comments.

The fifth platform preview of the Internet Explorer 10 is now available in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (build 8250).
So what’s new?
We are not exactly sure as the official IE10 announcement blog post does not say anything other than: performance and HTML5 improvements.

In case you are eager to test the new UI for the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10, there isn’t one as it still relies on the old design elements.
Windows 8 Consumer Preview



Download Windows 8 Skin Pack

For past few days there was a lot of buzz about ‘Windows 8‘ the next version of widows which is currently in development. Several details and features of windows 8 was leaked with screen shots from the site Among them noted features are Windows 8 will have Metro-like user interface, codenamed “Mosh” and Aero Auto-Colorization.

Also windows 8 will have its own PDF reader and features OEM Activation v 3.0 that will break BIOS SLIC Activation Hack used in windows 7 Pirate versions to bypass Windows anti-piracy measures.
Now a deviant artist released Windows 8 sink pack for Windows 7 based on details & screen shots of windows 8. Windows 8 Skin will transform will transform your windows 7 interface to windows 8 and provides a feel like you are using Windows 8 on your system.

Windows 8 Skin includes Windows 8 wallpapers, Windows 8 Aero Theme, Aero Lite Theme and Windows 8 features like
Aura,Taskbar UserTile etc. For more details visit
The Skin pack is supported on:
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • X86 (32Bit) and X64 (64Bit)
  • Best Work in X86 (32Bit)
  • All Language Versions
Download : Windows 8 Skin Pack(6.8 MB)

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Angry Birds Star Wars Full-Cracked

Direct Fast Link Toolbar

System Requirements:
OS Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
CPU 1.0GHz RAM 512MB
Hard Drive 60MB
Graphics Any OpenGL 1.3 compatible device
Internet connection required for activation and updates

Download Instructions:
Plz Read the "Download TutorialCarefully before using the Download Links of Any Game..thanks!

Download Links:
Highly Recommended:
It only takes 2-3 mins.

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Windows 8 Activation Cracked with KMS Host

thanx to
The final RTM version of Windows 8 has been cracked. Windows 8 activation can be done through KMS activation hack which has previously been used to activate Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been proven to work on Windows 8 too, although only on installations of volume licensing channel.

KMS activation crack had not been popularly used in the past to activate Windows Vista and Windows 7 as it’s outshone by OEM activation hack which performs instant one-time Windows activation offline without the need to setup any additional host. The OA3.0 in where all OEM computers running Windows 8 now required online activation has made OEM activation much harder to hack, at least until actual machines preinstalled with Windows 8 shipped.

As mentioned, Windows 8 KMS activation crack is nothing new. In fact, it’s an old trick by applying the KMS server with KB2691586 and an valid Windows 8 KMS host key. Currently, there is no valid Windows 8 KMS host key been leaked yet, preventing creation of own KMS host. In addition, as KMS is only used by Microsoft clients who purchase volume licensing agreement, so only Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 Professional can be activated via KMS, provided they’re installed with a VLK (volume licensing product key).
Windows 8 activated with KMS server can be used genuinely for 180 days, allowing all personalization and full features, although it’s still an unknown if the system can pass the genuine Windows validation. After 180 days, the Windows 8 system will need to check against a KMS host to maintain the activated status.
Without activation, Windows 8 runs in “notification mode” where notification watermark appears every 3 hours to remind user to activate the system, and with restricted functionality especially those that related to personalization.

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FREE Resume Creator Features

  1. Free to use, no memberships or sign ups, use it whenever you wish as much as you want; write unlimited resumes.
  2. Customize your resume to suit your needs with the many options available.
  3. We provide tips, help, and suggestions to help you write it.
  4. The free resume creator has many popular layout styles to choose from.
  5. The type face, text color, and accent colors can all be customized.
  6. Preview your resume as you write it at each step.
  7. Your finished resume can be printed now and downloaded to be printed later.
  8. Your cell phone number, email address, and webpage address can all be included.
  9. Our easy editing system allows you to return at any time, load your free resume into the system then edit and update it as you change jobs or get additional education.

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Play high end games without graphic card

Many of you might have wished to play new games in your  pc without graphic card. But without graphic card whatto do na. But there is a solution for it.

3D Analyser will come in help. 3D Analyze is a software to emulate various 3D graphics such as shader 2.0 technology. It has several options to emulate but is currently a very outdated software. Although outdated it still supports many games.
Download 3D Analyser

Thanks to

click here to download


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How to Exclude Shipping Locations on eBay

The eBay developer program will roll out a new version for its Trading API, which will give developers incorporating eBay services the possibility to exclude users coming from a specific country and bidding on a product. The exclusion is achieved through settings done to the list of allowed shipping locations. These changes are going to be incorporated in version 635, expected to be launched on the 16th of September, 2009.

The principle behind this new feature is simple. If a person selling an object through eBay on their own website, using eBay's Trading API, wants to exclude users coming from certain countries where they cannot ship their products in safe conditions or in time, they can enter their My eBay developer page and simply create a global Ship To Exclusion List.

Whenever a user from that country will want to acquire a product, they will find it impossible to place a bid for that object. The same error message will appear if the user has omitted to configure their primary “Ship to Location” setting, which the API will inspect to determine if it excludes the user or not.

If multiple configurations need to be done when building several websites on the same developer account, the programmer can simply override their default exclude locations inside their item-listing calls, with the aid of the ExcludeShipToLocation fields.

These fields can be used with ISO country short codes to specify countries where the website will not be able to ship the product. Including such a field in an “AddItem” family call on a website will ignore the standard exclusion list recorded in the My eBay account.

Here is a simple example provided by eBay developer Kelly Rich on eBay's developer service blog:

Also, when wanting to cancel a list configured on the My eBay page, the developer can use the “NONE” attribute to let the website users know that it can ship to any location. Here is another example:

User preferences previously set in the My eBay account can be reviewed using this short snippet:
<GetUserPreferencesRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">
<ShowSellerExcludeShipToLocationPreference> true
Google is the best search engine on the Internet and everybody uses it to find websites, documents, blogs, videos and even blog posts. Although Google�s search technology is pretty revolutionary, it can do even better and this thanks to some hidden commands called operators that allow the users to customize their search queries. The folks from the Googleplex sustain they represent a simple method to communicate with the search engine and tell it to search in a different and better way than before. "Google supports several advanced operators, which are query words that have special meaning to Google. Typically these operators modify the search in some way, or even tell Google to do a totally different type of search."

But they�re not only that. The Google operators are probably the simplest way ever created to find your information in a matter of seconds. No more useless links, no more spam results, no more nothing. Just what you were looking for. Because I�m sure that many of you already know and probably use some of the operators, let me present my top 5 commands that can improve your search experience.

The "site" operator is surely the single (to be read most efficient) way to search big websites that are not offering an internal search engine or the one they provide is not as useful as it should be. Softpedia has its own search technology and a pretty good one, but let�s refer strictly to our website when it comes to the operators. Let�s suppose you want to search for Winamp, the famous audio player, on Softpedia and, by any reason, our search function offers useless results. Well, go to Google and type the following command (obviously, the site and the searched parameters can be replaced with any terms):
CODE winamp
Press enter and let the results amaze you. As you can see, all the weblinks are coming from Softpedia so the first one should represent the application searched by you as the power of the Google technology is absolutely incredible.

Google is not only a search engine that indexes websites but it also provides one-click access to documents, multimedia files and other formats compatible with the technology. That�s why it represents a simple way to find a document published on the Internet without having to install additional applications or look for a special search engine to do this. All you need to do is use the "filetype" operator that restricts your search query to a certain file format mentioned by you. Let�s say you want to
search for a PDF file. Your search query should look like this:
filetype:PDF softpedia
As usual, "Softpedia" can be replaced with any term you like. The SERP returns you only this type of file that can be downloaded in order to view them as HTML, using a special function offered by the Google engineers.

One of the most interesting and of course useful is the Google ability to convert units such as currency, mass, length, volume, energy and others. This function especially addresses to the ones who are looking for a simple way to make their conversions without having to install special downloadable applications or visit different websites. So, if you want to transform centimeters in meters, you should type this:
1 cm in m
Google will make the conversion and will return you the exact number of the operation. Obviously, you can type any number you want, depending on your need. Also, keep in mind that you can convert all sorts of things, just remember that you must type the corresponding symbol for every unit.

I believe math is a problem for many of you but, as usual, Google comes with the best solution to satisfy our needs. The Google Calculator is a simple method to resolve basic and advanced math expressions just from the search box. Let�s say that you want to calculate an expression that looks like this:
All you need to do is to copy the entire expression and paste it into the Google search box. Press Search and the results will surely amaze you. And what�s most interesting about this function is that the Google Calculator supports advanced operations such as trigonometric functions, exponential functions and even logarithms. So, go there and take your math lesson from Mr. Google, your new math teacher.

The last hidden operator presented to you refers to the meaning of the English words. That�s right, you can get the definition of a certain term straight from Google. Type "define" before any word, press enter and let your intelligence grow up. Let�s suppose you want to know the exact definition of the word "operator". Type the following line in the search box:
Google will search the Internet and will return you numerous explanations for the word. No weblinks, no documents, no spam results, nothing. Just definitions for your own pleasure.

As you can see, Google is no more a simple search engine that returns you websites and information gathered from the Internet. It tends to become a teacher, a simple way to resolve the common computer actions. Moreover, it offers all these functions for free so I guess Google is really able to change our lives, if it hasn�t done it already. Have a look at the following video to view the hidden operators in action.

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Fatal error: the system has become unstable or is busy," it says. "Enter to return to Windows or press Control-Alt-Delete to restart your computer. If you do this you will lose any unsaved information in all open applications."

You have just been struck by the Blue Screen of Death. Anyone who uses Mcft Windows will be familiar with this. What can you do? More importantly, how can you prevent it happening?

1 Hardware conflict

The number one reason why Windows crashes is hardware conflict. Each hardware device communicates to other devices through an interrupt request channel (IRQ). These are supposed to be unique for each device.

For example, a printer usually connects internally on IRQ 7. The keyboard usually uses IRQ 1 and the floppy disk drive IRQ 6. Each device will try to hog a single IRQ for itself.

If there are a lot of devices, or if they are not installed properly, two of them may end up sharing the same IRQ number. When the user tries to use both devices at the same time, a crash can happen. The way to check if your computer has a hardware conflict is through the following route:

Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Device Manager.

Often if a device has a problem a yellow '!' appears next to its description in the Device Manager. Highlight Computer (in the Device Manager) and press Properties to see the IRQ numbers used by your computer. If the IRQ number appears twice, two devices may be using it.

Sometimes a device might share an IRQ with something described as 'IRQ holder for PCI steering'. This can be ignored. The best way to fix this problem is to remove the problem device and reinstall it.

Sometimes you may have to find more recent drivers on the internet to make the device function properly. A good resource is If the device is a soundcard, or a modem, it can often be fixed by moving it to a different slot on the motherboard (be careful about opening your computer, as you may void the warranty).

When working inside a computer you should switch it off, unplug the mains lead and touch an unpainted metal surface to discharge any static electricity.

To be fair to Mcft, the problem with IRQ numbers is not of its making. It is a legacy problem going back to the first PC designs using the IBM 8086 chip. Initially there were only eight IRQs. Today there are 16 IRQs in a PC. It is easy to run out of them. There are plans to increase the number of IRQs in future designs.

2 Bad Ram

am (random-access memory) problems might bring on the blue screen of death with a message saying Fatal Exception Error. A fatal error indicates a serious hardware problem. Sometimes it may mean a part is damaged and will need replacing.

But a fatal error caused by Ram might be caused by a mismatch of chips. For example, mixing 70-nanosecond (70ns) Ram with 60ns Ram will usually force the computer to run all the Ram at the slower speed. This will often crash the machine if the Ram is overworked.

One way around this problem is to enter the BIOS settings and increase the wait state of the Ram. This can make it more stable. Another way to troubleshoot a suspected Ram problem is to rearrange the Ram chips on the motherboard, or take some of them out. Then try to repeat the circumstances that caused the crash. When handling Ram try not to touch the gold connections, as they can be easily damaged.

Parity error messages also refer to Ram. Modern Ram chips are either parity (ECC) or non parity (non-ECC). It is best not to mix the two types, as this can be a cause of trouble.

EMM386 error messages refer to memory problems but may not be connected to bad Ram. This may be due to free memory problems often linked to old Dos-based programmes.

3 BIOS settings

Every motherboard is supplied with a range of chipset settings that are decided in the factory. A common way to access these settings is to press the F2 or delete button during the first few seconds of a boot-up.

Once inside the BIOS, great care should be taken. It is a good idea to write down on a piece of paper all the settings that appear on the screen. That way, if you change something and the computer becomes more unstable, you will know what settings to revert to.

A common BIOS error concerns the CAS latency. This refers to the Ram. Older EDO (extended data out) Ram has a CAS latency of 3. Newer SDRam has a CAS latency of 2. Setting the wrong figure can cause the Ram to lock up and freeze the computer's display.

Mcft Windows is better at allocating IRQ numbers than any BIOS. If possible set the IRQ numbers to Auto in the BIOS. This will allow Windows to allocate the IRQ numbers (make sure the BIOS setting for Plug and Play OS is switched to 'yes' to allow Windows to do this.).

4 Hard disk drives

After a few weeks, the information on a hard disk drive starts to become piecemeal or fragmented. It is a good idea to defragment the hard disk every week or so, to prevent the disk from causing a screen freeze. Go to

Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter

This will start the procedure. You will be unable to write data to the hard drive (to save it) while the disk is defragmenting, so it is a good idea to schedule the procedure for a period of inactivity using the Task Scheduler.

The Task Scheduler should be one of the small icons on the bottom right of the Windows opening page (the desktop).

Some lockups and screen freezes caused by hard disk problems can be solved by reducing the read-ahead optimisation. This can be adjusted by going to

Start-Settings-Control Panel-System Icon-Performance-File System-Hard Disk.

Hard disks will slow down and crash if they are too full. Do some housekeeping on your hard drive every few months and free some space on it. Open the Windows folder on the C drive and find the Temporary Internet Files folder. Deleting the contents (not the folder) can free a lot of space.

Empty the Recycle Bin every week to free more space. Hard disk drives should be scanned every week for errors or bad sectors. Go to

Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-ScanDisk

Otherwise assign the Task Scheduler to perform this operation at night when the computer is not in use.

5 Fatal OE exceptions and VXD errors

Fatal OE exception errors and VXD errors are often caused by video card problems.

These can often be resolved easily by reducing the resolution of the video display. Go to

Start-Settings-Control Panel-Display-Settings

Here you should slide the screen area bar to the left. Take a look at the colour settings on the left of that window. For most desktops, high colour 16-bit depth is adequate.

If the screen freezes or you experience system lockups it might be due to the video card. Make sure it does not have a hardware conflict. Go to

Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Device Manager

Here, select the + beside Display Adapter. A line of text describing your video card should appear. Select it (make it blue) and press properties. Then select Resources and select each line in the window. Look for a message that says No Conflicts.

If you have video card hardware conflict, you will see it here. Be careful at this point and make a note of everything you do in case you make things worse.

The way to resolve a hardware conflict is to uncheck the Use Automatic Settings box and hit the Change Settings button. You are searching for a setting that will display a No Conflicts message.

Another useful way to resolve video problems is to go to

Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Performance-Graphics

Here you should move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the left. As ever, the most common cause of problems relating to graphics cards is old or faulty drivers (a driver is a small piece of software used by a computer to communicate with a device).

Look up your video card's manufacturer on the internet and search for the most recent drivers for it.

6 Viruses

Often the first sign of a virus infection is instability. Some viruses erase the boot sector of a hard drive, making it impossible to start. This is why it is a good idea to create a Windows start-up disk. Go to

Start-Settings-Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs

Here, look for the Start Up Disk tab. Virus protection requires constant vigilance.

A virus scanner requires a list of virus signatures in order to be able to identify viruses. These signatures are stored in a DAT file. DAT files should be updated weekly from the website of your antivirus software manufacturer.

An excellent antivirus programme is McAfee VirusScan by Network Associates ( Another is Norton AntiVirus , made by Symantec (

7 Printers

The action of sending a document to print creates a bigger file, often called a postscript file.

Printers have only a small amount of memory, called a buffer. This can be easily overloaded. Printing a document also uses a considerable amount of CPU power. This will also slow down the computer's performance.

If the printer is trying to print unusual characters, these might not be recognised, and can crash the computer. Sometimes printers will not recover from a crash because of confusion in the buffer. A good way to clear the buffer is to unplug the printer for ten seconds. Booting up from a powerless state, also called a cold boot, will restore the printer's default settings and you may be able to carry on.

8 Software

A common cause of computer crash is faulty or badly-installed software. Often the problem can be cured by uninstalling the software and then reinstalling it. Use Norton Uninstall or Uninstall Shield to remove an application from your system properly. This will also remove references to the programme in the System Registry and leaves the way clear for a completely fresh copy.

The System Registry can be corrupted by old references to obsolete software that you thought was uninstalled. Use Reg Cleaner by Jouni Vuorio to clean up the System Registry and remove obsolete entries.

Read the instructions and use it carefully so you don't do permanent damage to the Registry. If the Registry is damaged you will have to reinstall your operating system. Reg Cleaner can be obtained from

Often a Windows problem can be resolved by entering Safe Mode. This can be done during start-up. When you see the message "Starting Windows" press F8. This should take you into Safe Mode.

Safe Mode loads a minimum of drivers. It allows you to find and fix problems that prevent Windows from loading properly.

Sometimes installing Windows is difficult because of unsuitable BIOS settings. If you keep getting SUWIN error messages (Windows setup) during the Windows installation, then try entering the BIOS and disabling the CPU internal cache. Try to disable the Level 2 (L2) cache if that doesn't work.

Remember to restore all the BIOS settings back to their former settings following installation.

9 Overheating
Central processing units (CPUs) are usually equipped with fans to keep them cool. If the fan fails or if the CPU gets old it may start to overheat and generate a particular kind of error called a kernel error. This is a common problem in chips that have been overclocked to operate at higher speeds than they are supposed to.

One remedy is to get a bigger better fan and install it on top of the CPU. Specialist cooling fans/heatsinks are available from or

CPU problems can often be fixed by disabling the CPU internal cache in the BIOS. This will make the machine run more slowly, but it should also be more stable.

10 Power supply problems

With all the new construction going on around the country the steady supply of electricity has become disrupted. A power surge or spike can crash a computer as easily as a power cut.

If this has become a nuisance for you then consider buying a uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This will give you a clean power supply when there is electricity, and it will give you a few minutes to perform a controlled shutdown in case of a power cut.

It is a good investment if your data are critical, because a power cut will cause any unsaved data to be lost.

Microsoft took a big step into mobile Thursday, unveiling a revamped version of its flagship Windows system and offering a closer look at Surface, its entry into the hot tablet market.

The new Windows 8 operating system and tablet to go on
seeking to keep pace with Apple and Google amid a dramatic shift away from PCs to mobile devices.
"Windows 8 brings together the best of the PC and the tablet," said Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer.

"What you have seen and heard should leave no doubt that Windows 8 shatters the perception of what a PC really is... It works perfect for work and play and it is alive with your world."

At a New York news event, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would launch Friday in 37 languages and 140 worldwide markets. It can be downloaded beginning at 12:01 am local time worldwide and will be sold at retail stores.

Analysts say the revamped Windows system provides Microsoft with an opportunity, but that dramatic changes might not be initially welcomed.

"Windows 8 looks like a big, bold, very innovative and very different new operating system," said independent tech analyst Jeff Kagan.

"The problem is that Microsoft is not giving users the chance to get used to the new operating system slowly. Instead they are launching this in an all-or-nothing way."

Rob Enderle of Enderle Group said: "Microsoft has been losing ground to both Google and Apple at an increasing pace and Windows 8 is their strongest response to date. If they miss here there will likely be major changes in Microsoft to adjust to that failure."

Microsoft is also launching a version called Windows RT, designed for tablets and available pre-installed on new devices including its own Surface tablet.

Surface is "the perfect expression of Windows," said Microsoft product team member Panos Panay. "It's exactly what Windows was designed to run on."

To show its durability, Panay dropped the device on stage, saying, "You can drop it 72 different ways." He also displayed some units modified as skateboards, with wheels attached, used by one team member.

Michael Gartenberg of the research firm Gartner said Surface "is a new category of device and one that will make sense for many consumers."

Surface, which seeks to challenge Apple's market-ruling iPads and rivals built on Google's Android software, will be among Windows-powered devices sold at Microsoft "pop up" stores to open Friday in the United States and Canada.

The news comes two days after Apple introduced its iPad mini in a bid to crowd out lower-priced offerings by rivals Amazon, Google and Samsung.

Surface -- a late entry in the market -- has a 10.6-inch (26.9 centimeter) screen and starts at $499, challenging the larger-format iPads.

But Surface appears to be a cross between a tablet and a PC, equipped with a flip-out rear "kickstand" to prop it up like a picture frame and a cover that, when opened, acts as a keypad to switch into "desktop" mode for work tasks.

It launches in a crowded market for tablets from Apple, Google, Amazon and others, amid forecasts that global tablet sales will surpass those of PCs within a few years.

Some analysts say the Windows RT system used on Surface and other devices offers Microsoft a chance for a fresh start in controlling both hardware and software in a single device.

The new mobile system "represents the best shot Microsoft has against Apple and Google," said Roger Kay at Endpoint Technologies Associates. "WinRT is where things are going."

Windows, the first version of which was launched in the 1990s, remains the dominant PC platform with some 90 percent of the world market. But in the mobile world, it is struggling against Apple's iOS and Google's Android system.

Microsoft reported that pre-sales of Windows 8 have outstripped those of its predecessor by 40 percent.

The Redmond, Washington-based company next week will provide details on its new Windows Phone 8 operating system designed for its push into the smartphone market.